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Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust's 5 Year Plan

Short-eared owl (c) Tom DayShort-eared owl (c) Tom Day

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust's 5 Year Plan - a better future for wildlife

The Trust aims to create an environment rich in wildlife and over the last 50 years we have made a real difference to the wildlife of Herts and Middlesex, creating new wildlife habitats on our reserves and in the wider countryside and urban areas.

We have helped people to value and become more aware of wildlife and the need for its conservation. Together this has resulted in growing populations
of endangered species, such as the water vole and small blue butterfly, and many more people actively involved in protecting their local wildlife.

But wildlife remains in trouble. From hornbeams to heathlands, from greenfinches to grasshoppers, wildlife and wild places need help. Natural habitats are under threat and continue to be lost and fragmented whilst species continue to decline.

The Trust’s new 50 Year Vision and five year plan encourages everyone to act now. Whether as an individual volunteer or member of the Trust, land manager, business, or the voluntary and government sector, you all have a vital role to play. Everyone can make a difference, so we invite you to get involved now in creating a better future for wildlife.

Read the 5 year Plan below.





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