Urban Peregrines - Online

Peregrine falcon

(c) Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Urban Peregrines - Online

Online Event
Learn about these amazing hunters and residents of the skyscrapers and tall buildings of many of our towns across Hertfordshire, with naturalist and author, Ed Drewitt.

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7pm - 8.30pm

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Peregrines began moving into our cities during the 1990s after their populations recovered from decades of decline from persecution and the effects of pesticides in the countryside.  Ed will be revealing the latest stories about urban peregrines across the UK, where the young travel when they leave the nest, what they eat and why peregrines love cities and large towns so much.

Presenter:  Ed Drewitt
Ed has been studying urban-dwelling peregrines for 23 years and is currently doing a part-time PhD at the University of Bristol looking at what they eat (and the Sheffield nest is one of Ed's study sites). Ed is a freelance naturalist, showing people wildlife both in the UK and abroad, and a learning advisor, developing learning resources and toolkits of wildlife organisations. 

Aimed at adults but all ages welcome.

Please note if you are unable to join us live, you can still register to receive a "replay" link after the event and watch the presentation in your own time.


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This event is free to attend. However, as a registered charity, any donations are greatly appreciated. We suggest a donation of £5 per registration to cover our administration costs.

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