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Rye Meads,

Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire , SG12 8JS

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Join us as a Volunteer Cattle Checker at Rye Meads Nature Reserve.

Position details


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Role Title: Cattle Checker
Reports to: Senior Reserves Officer
Work Area: Rye Meads Nature Reserve
Expenses: Travel expenses between home and Rye Meads  Nature Reserve may be reimbursed if required.
Time Contribution: 40 minutes a week plus travel to Rye Meads 

Role Purpose

To carry out a check once a week of cattle grazing the grassland at Rye Meads Nature Reserve. This can easily be combined with a general visit to the nature reserve.

Grazing is essential to maintaining the rare wildlife of the meadows and welfare of the cattle must be maintained. The meadows are an interesting mixture of wet, floodplain meadow and reedbed. Grazing here results in a plethora of rare wildflowers and characteristic ground-nesting birds which require the grazing to knock back competitive vegetation and allow them the space they need.

It is harder to maintain meadows nowadays due to the decline in traditional farming methods. However, the Trust works hard to maintain the site using local cattle.

Key Elements

  1. Checking that cattle are all present
  2. Checking that cattle are in the correct area
  3. Look for signs of possible ill health on the cattle

To apply for this position, please fill in the form below. If you have any questions, you can contact Josh Wells, Senior Reserves Officer on 01727 858 901.

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