Volunteer Livestock Checker

Location: Various locations, throughout Hertfordshire and Middlesex

Herdwick sheep at Aldbury Nowers (c) Laura Baker

We are looking for dedicated Livestock Checkers to carry out weekly checks of our livestock across several nature reserves. This can easily be combined with a general visit to the nature reserves.

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If you have any questions, please contact Josh Wells, Senior Reserves Officer

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ROLE TITLE: Livestock Checker

RESPONSIBLE TO:  Senior Reserves Officer 

WORK AREA: Designated Nature Reserve

EXPENSES:  Travel expenses between home and Designated Nature Reserve may be reimbursed if required.

ANTICIPATED TIME CONTRIBUTION:  40 minutes a week plus travel to Nature Reserve


To carry out a weekly welfare check of grazing animals on one of the Trust’s nature reserves. This can easily be combined with a general visit to the nature reserve. The role will require walking close to grazing animals to facilitate visual checks of the number of animals present, plenty of available drinking water and any obvious health issues.

Grazing is an essential part of the work Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust does across its Nature Reserves. Animals such as cattle and sheep are used to manage rare grassland habitats such as chalk and wet grassland. The work livestock do is irreplaceable with machinery or otherwise. They slowly remove vegetation- meaning sensitive wildflowers and invertebrates are able to cope with their slow management of their habitat. Their feet create small areas of bare ground which create areas for insects to bask in the warmth and opportunities for new plants to germinate. Livestock dung is also hugely important to many species of fly and beetle.

It is no overestimation to say that grazing animals on our nature reserves would be impossible without the help of volunteers. In this role, you will be supporting what is for many of our reserves the most important work we do on that site. Our sites simply would not be the same without our livestock or our volunteer checkers. 


1.    Checking that all livestock are present
2.    Checking that livestock are in the correct area
3.    Look for signs of possible ill health on livestock
4.    Be part of a Livestock Checker WhatsApp Group

We are currently looking for Volunteer Livestock Checkers across several nature reserves. Select the ones you would like to volunteer at in the webform below (the list appears when selecting 'Volunteer Livestock Checker').

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