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Keep our marvellous meadows in bloom

In the warm summer sun our local meadows and grasslands should be filled with an array of wonderful wildflowers. When in full bloom, you can experience the wonders of these beautiful wildlife havens; the scent of delicate wildflowers; the sound of birds and buzzing pollinators, and the sight of fluttering butterflies above a multi-coloured blanket of wildflowers.

Unfortunately, changes in the way that land is managed has resulted in a loss of many of our diverse species-rich grasslands. Agricultural intensification, lack of management and a reduction in grazing has all led to scrub and woodland dominating our grassland sites. Sadly, these experiences could so easily be confined to memory; a staggering 97% of wildlife-rich grassland has already disappeared since the 1930s.

This year the Trust needs to raise £20,515 to keep our local meadows and grasslands blooming at their best. Will you help us?

Ten years ago Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust embarked on one of its most ambitious restoration projects ever; to restore an overgrown and undermanaged grassland to its former glory. A decade on, Aldbury Nowers Nature Reserve is now one of Hertfordshire’s greatest species-rich chalk grasslands. Our conservation efforts at this reserve have resulted in the resurgence of the small blue, Britain’s smallest resident butterfly, as well as the locally scarce dark green fritillary; it is now home to over 30 species of butterflies and many other pollinators too. The restoration project at Aldbury Nowers has been a proven success. Now we must continue to protect this and others like it for the future.

Today, less than 1% of land in Hertfordshire remains as wildflower meadow. We urgently need your support to provide a future for our local grasslands. We need funds to cover the cost of machinery hire, tools, livestock and staff time to manage our grasslands so that they continue to thrive as fully functioning, species-rich and diverse habitats. It is only with your support that we can be equipped to actively manage our local meadows and grasslands so they can bloom at their best. Please be part of this vital movement to conserve your critically important local grasslands and the wildlife that depends on them.

A gift from you today, no matter how small, will help cover the costs involved in our grassland conservation work this year so they can bloom at their best.

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