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Our white admirals are disappearing

Once a common sight in Hertfordshire and Middlesex, our white admiral butterflies rely on woodland rides and open glades for food and shelter. However, with the decline of our native broadleaf woodland, populations of these beautiful butterflies have declined drastically in the last 20 years. Such important habitats need our care, commitment and expertise.

To support our local wildlife, we need to understand its basic needs for survival: food, shelter and finding a mate. This is true of our white admiral butterflies.

The Trust monitors populations and manages our nature reserves to provide white admirals with all that they need to flourish in Hertfordshire and Middlesex. To do this, we need your help.

Our conservation management work helps to restore and diversify woodland rides and glades to accommodate a greater range of wildlife species and support the white admiral throughout its lifecycle. We need your support to help us continue our vital woodland management work.

Healthy woodland needs a variety of trees and plants of differing height, size and age to give a distinct vertical structure. The same is true along the ride or glade edge. Our careful management encourages a range of vegetation zones: shorter flowering plants, taller herbs and grasses, and scrub margins neighbouring mature trees. These zones create an ‘understory’ to our woodlands, able to support a fully functioning ecosystem.

We must protect their habitat needs if we are to safeguard this spectacular woodland butterfly. A donation from you today will help our ride and glade management work continue – can you help us?

Through the work the Trust is doing to manage our local woodlands, and by improving other suitable habitats and their connectivity, the white admiral will have the opportunity to once again become well established across the two counties.

A donation from you today will help our ride and glade management work continue – and allow us to do even more.

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