Celebration giving

Celebrating something? Ask your family and friends to support the work of the Wildlife Trust instead of giving gifts on your special day.

Golden wedding anniversary celebrates wildlife too

Joan and Jim Newman celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and asked friends and family to send donations to the Wildlife Trust in lieu of gifts.

“We sent out invitations suggesting that rather than giving us presents that we don’t really need, donations were made to the Trust instead. We are always glad to help their work.” Joan and Jim Newman

A donation to the Wildlife Trust instead of gifts

Both turning 50 this year, one couple wanted something a bit different to celebrate their joint ‘centenary’.

“Your wildlife sponsorships made the perfect gifts. We are delighted to have received the full set, including a pair of buffalo and a family of water voles!” Julia and Ian Abrey

The ultimate Wedding Gift List!

Newly-weds David and Clare Rawlins wanted to offer guests the chance to donate money to the Wildlife Trust, as an alternative to a traditional gift.

“We’re very pleased that our friends and family have donated to such a worthwhile charity.” Mr and Mrs David and Clare Rawlins

Support local wildlife as part of your celebrations

Tell us about it! We will help in any way we can and send donation forms for you to give out to friends and family.  They can even donate online too - selecting 'in lieu of gifts'. Give Sarah Rutherford a call on 01727 858901 ext. 242 or email sarah.rutherford@hmwt.org to discuss your support in more detail.