Shackledell Grassland in StevenageReduce, re-use and recycle to help protect our natural environment

If everyone lived as we do in the UK, we would need resources amounting to eight times those found on Earth.

Thankfully, all is not lost. There is plenty we can all do to minimise our impact on the environment and help protect wildlife and wild places.

Recycle mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust is working with Recycle4Charity, The Recycling Factory and Zero Waste Recycling to reduce office waste ending up in landfill. You can recycle your mobile phones, inkjet/ ink-tank and toner cartridges to raise money for the Wildlife Trust and protect the environment. 

It’s so easy. Just register with either of our recycling partners, receive your collection materials and start recycling for wildlife today. 

Item Recycling method Recycling partner*
Mobile phones
  • Order a collection box
  • Bring to Grebe House

IMPORTANT: Due to Royal Mail's prohibited goods policy, please do not send your mobile phones in the post. Please instead order a small desktop collection box from Recycle4Charity or bring them into our office, Grebe House, to send on your behalf.

Zero Waste Recycling*

Ink cartridges 

The Recycling Factory

Zero Waste Recycling*

Toner cartridges
  • Order a collection box

IMPORTANT: Due to space and resources, please do not bring your used toner cartridges to Grebe House. Please contact one of our partners who deal with these directly.

The Recycling Factory

Zero Waste Recycling*















*Zero Waste Recycling does not offer a free collection service, but does accept all recycleabale goods.


Our partners service the recycling needs of the smallest home user to the largest businesses and have helped keep over 383,190 kg out of landfill! Whether you are an individual or business we need your support.

Contact us on 01727 858901 ext. 242 or email: 

Reduce, re-use, recycle

Remember, recycling is just one of the ways you can help the environment. Small changes to your daily routine can have a significant impact on the amount of energy you use and the waste you throw away.

REDUCE Think before you print. If you need to, choose double-sided  Switch off lights in every un-used room Turn off electrical appliances instead of leaving them on standby; monitor heating and air conditioning to avoid unnecessary use Make travel greener by using public transport and walking where possible. Remove excess baggage from vehicles
RE-USE Use unwanted paper as scrap, refillable printer cartridges and rechargeable batteries Rather than re-use, replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones  Think about how you could use resuable energy at home or at work, e.g. solar panels Install a water butt in your garden & use water saving devices in your home - contact Affinity Water for advice
RECYCLE Start composting your green and food waste to enrich your garden or allotment Energy efficient lightbulbs can be recycled at household recycling centres Most electrical devices can be recycled in some way - find out what else you can recycle at Recycle Now   Contact your local council for advice on recycling in your area

Think Globally, Act Locally

If everyone makes at least one small change to their daily lifestyles it will have a very real and positive impact on our natural environment.