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Please don't let our woodlands go quiet - Appeal Update

You have all helped raised £12,610 to keep our local woodlands full of the sound of birdsong and other woodland wildlife - thank you!

You know that woodlands are magical places, full of life, activity and so many sights, smells and sounds... but, these characteristic sounds of our woodlands have sadly faded over time and our woods are in danger of going quiet.

We want woodlands to stay healthy, happy, noisy and full of life. So, we asked for your help to carry out our woodland work this winter to keep your local woods in tip-top condition for wildlife. We knew you’d agree. 

Collectively, your support has made a real difference.

Raising over £12,000 towards our woodland appeal, you have helped us create new rides to open up areas and let in more light for butterflies and wildflowers to thrive. You have helped us carry out tree surveys on our woodland reserves to assess their health. This is so important to the longevity of the trees and overall safety of our sites for visitors. You have helped us coppice trees to encourage new growth, and create guards to protect new shoots. We have also been able to restore several woodland ponds, an essential feature of any woodland.

We thought you would like to hear from one of our lovely Reserves Officers and the great work he has been up to recently on your local woodlands, as a result of your ongoing support...  

Balls Wood Nature Reserve - February 2015

New ride at Balls Wood Nature Reserve (Feb 2015)"I have created a new glade in Balls Wood - with a little help from a couple of volunteers!

This part of the ride system is in the south of the wood which is very shady.

It is hoped that this new glade will encourage the wildlife to move in soon. It will also make the view from the existing bench more sunny."

Jack Uridge, Trainee Reserves Officer

Balls Wood Nature Reserve - Jan 2015

Balls Wood: Before ride creation

Balls Wood: After new ride Jan 2015

"I had a work party in Balls Wood today. Our objective was to reopen a ride in the south of the reserve that is shown on the old maps but has become overgrown. So with help from Jenny and Jack on the chainsaw and a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers we did it!

This ride will be interesting because it passes right through a block of the wood that we have done no management on yet, so it will be interesting to see how it develops over the years. There were loads of violets there (the food plant for the silver washed fritillary).

I still need to widen the ride a bit to let more light in and put a glade in the middle too."

Andy Brown, Reserves Officer

Hawkins Wood Nature Reseve - Jan 2015

New ride at Hawkins Wood Nature Reserve"This week I have been working at Hawkins Wood near Therfield. We have been creating a new ride right down the centre of the wood and thinning out some of the trees to let more light into the wood near the bluebell area. 

I had my merry bunch of volunteers tidying up and cutting back some of the smaller trees too. 

There was a survey of butteflies last year in the middle of summer and they failed to find a single butterfly! This was mostly due to lack of sunlight in the wood. Hopefully this new ride and will let a lot more light into the wood."

Andy Brown, Reserves Officer

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How your donation could have an impact:

£1,000 could restore a woodland pond for insects
£500 could create open areas for butterflies and wildflowers
£250 could protect coppiced trees and new shoots
£150 could pollard one ancient hornbeam tree to help it support wildlife for longer
£60 could kit out our volunteers with the protective equipment needed to work safely
£30 could buy a bow saw to coppice and let in more light into the woodland floor