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Our meadows are blooming marvellous thanks to you!

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to our meadows appeal, helping us raise over £12,000 with Gift Aid.

We are so grateful for the support we receive towards our fundraising appeals. Our last campaign captured the hearts of so many of you. You have helped us improve your local meadows and grassland habitats so that wildflowers and other wildlife can flourish. Thank you for all of your kind gifts.

While we might not reach our original appeal target, it will still make an enormous contribution to our annual costs and, as ever, the continued generosity of our supporters is hugely appreciated. As a result, our amazing Reserves Team has already been working hard to keep your local meadows and grasslands blooming at their best.

See what the team has already achieved for wildlife so far this year, all thanks to your continued support.

Conservation grazing and fencing repairs

Our ‘living lawnmowers’ include sheep, cattle and ponies. They have been busy grazing several of our reserves, including Thorley Wash, Blagrove Common, Patmore Heath and Gobions Wood, to name a few. They help keep on top of vegetation growth and prevent scrub encroachment. Look out for our ‘flying flock’ of Shetland sheep at Hexton this November.

The Reserves Team and their volunteers have been improving fencing and other important site infrastructure on a number of reserves. They have repaired and installed more fencing at Aldbury Nowers, Alpine Meadow and Long Deans, and improvements have been carried out on the cattle pen at Thorley Wash. All of which means that our essential conservation grazing can take place on your local grasslands.

"Our flying flock of Shetland sheep have been paramount to our conservation grazing at Gobions Wood." Rob Hopkins 

Grassland cutting

We have completed cutting, raking and haymaking at seven nature reserves,including Hexton and Blagrove Common. The cutting and removal of grass is vital to keep the nutrient levels low so that wildflowers can flourish on your local meadows.

Further cutting and raking has been underway across Tewin Orchard, with more planned at Rye Meads, Purwell Ninesprings and Waterford Heath. Our volunteers have completed various tasks at Aldbury Nowers and Alpine Meadow, and our weekend volunteer group has also cut the meadow at Lemsford Springs. A combined total of over 11 hectares of meadow and grassland have been cut as part of our annual haycut, ensuring that your local flora and the fauna they support can flourish.

See our Reserves Team in action at Frogmore Meadow!

"I was able to buy three pitch forks, at a cost of £15 each, essential for our annual grassland cut and collection work this autumn." Luke Shenton

Scrub clearance

Thistle pulling has been completed at Rye Meads in preparation for the grassland cut, four work parties have cleared scrub from the meadow at Fir and Pond Woods, and two work parties have been cutting back scrub at Long Deans. We also completed further grassland restoration work at Patmore Heath and Hertford Heath to improve these habitats for wildlife.

Grassland surveys

Surveys have been completed on 11 of our grassland sites – excitingly southern marsh orchids were recorded at Thorley Wash for the first time this year. Although they’re not categorised as rare in Hertfordshire, they are still relatively uncommon and so it’s great that our management work has allowed the orchid to appear.

Thanks again to everyone who has kindly donated to this appeal.

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IMAGE CREDITS: Paul Thrush, Hannah Couzens