What's on your bucket list?

What's on your bucket list?Many of us have great ambitions as to what we would like to achieve during our lifetime. Making a 'bucket list' can be a fun way to list those key experiences you would love to achieve; we've had a go at making our perfect list in the office - it's hard work picking only ten!

What is a bucket list?

Inspired by the 2007 film of the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, 'The Bucket List' is defined as a number of experiences or achievements a person hopes to have accomplished during their lifetime.

What's on your bucket list?

We would love to know what's top of your list; as a wildlife lover there are so many fantastic opportunities out there to encounter spectacular species and landscapes. Hertfordshire and Middlesex has many of these, which is why we, with your help, work so hard to conserve these unique landscapes and incredible wildlife.

Legacies are vital in allowing us to continue with our work. No matter what size they come in, legacies provide much needed resources so that we can carry on looking after and loving our superb local wildlife.

Why not have a go at listing your own bucket list below and let us know what you hope to achieve in your lifetime - we'd love to know what's on your 'Top Ten'. Contact us in confidence to learn more about leaving a legacy to the Trust.

Ride a gondola in Venice Go whale watching See the Northern Lights


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