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Our living lawnmowers are still grazing - thank you!

Our living lawnmowers appeal reached its target of £14,160 with Gift Aid.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our appeal to raise the much needed funds to keep our living lawnmowers grazing our nature reserves this year. Thanks to your generosity we raised over £14,000 – which, with the all-important addition of Gift Aid, will pay for this year’s grazing costs.

Your support will help Hertfordshire’s threatened grasslands to flourish.

An unmanaged grassland will quickly become a dense overgrown sward of common grasses, nettles, thistles and then impenetrable scrub. Grazing is often the answer, with the caveat that it has to be the right grazing – at the right levels and at the right time. This is why our team of living lawnmowers are so important – with the different breeds we use on our sites each grazing differently, and having very different effects on the vegetation.

These amazing animals lead our special conservation grazing program – without them we would not be able to manage our grasslands the way we need to.

In the winter months, grasslands can look a little dull but make no mistake – conservation is still at work! More specifically, our living lawnmowers will be out there grazing away on our nature reserves. Working hard to improve our vulnerable grasslands and creating wildlife rich habitats. Come next spring it will all be worth it, as once again the meadows burst into life, reminding us all why these are habitats to be proud of and why we need to take care of them.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

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Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
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Call to make a donation on 01727 858901

How your donation could have an impact:

£960 could train two Reserves Officers to safely handle and manage our Konik ponies
£545 could buy medicine to keep our 64 sheep happy and healthy all year
£280 could pay a farrier to trim the hooves of all seven of our Konik ponies
£129 could pay for one of 13 longhorn cows to graze for two months
£71 could buy two 6' steel sheep hurdles needed when rounding up and transporting animals between reserves
£30 could buy two 'energy boost' mineral licks four our living lawnmowers

Meet the team...

Shetland Konik
Shetland sheep by Paul Thrush Konik pony by Jim Higham
Higland Longhorn
Highland cow by Chris Maguire Longhorn cow by Paul Thrush

Thank you for your support!