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White admirals are spreading their wings once again thanks to you

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our latest appeal, helping us to raise nearly £10,000 with Gift Aid, which has enabled out vital woodland work to continue.

The support everyone has given to our recent fundraising appeal is making a very real, immediate difference to our white admiral butterfloes, thank you.

Once a common sight across the two counties, these spectacular woodland butterflies have really suffered over the last 20 years with white admiral populations heavily impacted by the decline in their ancient woodland homes.

Thankfully, with the help of our members, volunteers and partners, Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust has been determinedly restoring the important woodland habitats they rely on locally for food and shelter. Collectively, out efforts have seen a resurgence of this spectacular butterfly. Bust as you know, we needed additional funding to achieve even more.

Your generous support to our white admiral appeal over the past few months has helped to raise the funds needed to enable our vital woodland work to continue.


As you can imagine, out Reserves Team have been very busy over this last winter just gone, delivering the habitat restoration work which will benefit our white admiral butterflies and many other local woodland species for years to come. We have managed to open up the pathways and clear large openings on our woodland reserves, including Longspring Wood and Gobions Wood, the result of which means more sublight will be able to stream into the woodland floor which will in time allow many nectar-rich plants to flourish. 

At Gobions Wood we've coppiced 40m of old, over-mature hawthorn hedge along the woodland edge and replanted gaps with mixed hedgerow species, and at Hilfield Park Reservoir we've coppiced along the woodland rides and layered blackthorn scrub. These changes will improve, lenthen and diversify woodland-edge habitats, which will accommodate a greater range of wildlife species and suppoer the white admiral throughout its lifecycle. We've also cleared holly at Fir & Pond Woods, coducted woodland thinning at Danemead, coppiced hazel at Old Park Wood and completed more glade creation work at Cassiobur Park, all to help improve the light levels and control the spread of invasive plants in our local woodlands. Additionally, the appeal has also raised the funds needed to cover the ongoing training and surveying costs for our Reserves Officers and volunteers to monitor white admiral populations and effectively manage out woodland sites to prove these iconic butterflies with all that they need to flourish.


Thanks again to everyone who has kindly donated to this appeal. You have given the white admiral the opportunity to once again become well established in Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

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How your donation could have an impact:

£800 could hire a mower to keep woodland rides and glades open at one site and allow sunlight to reach from the highest tree in the canopy to the woodland floor. 
£525 could screate scallops to open up and lengthen the woodland ride edge, encouraging bramble and other nectar-rich plants. 
£230 could provide one of our Reserves Officers with training needed to cut back vegetation and help manage the light levels in our woodlands.
£125 could pay to conduct a butterfly survey on one of our woodland reserves to monitor white admiral populations.
£50 could help equip our volunteers with the protective gear needed to clear scrub and control the spread of invasive plants. 
£35 could pay for a woodland plant training course to help manage and increase growth of honeysuckle and other favourable woodland plant species.

Thank you for your support!