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Ridlins Mire

A small but very unusual dome of peat with associated mire vegetation

This small area of wetland has developed where water appears in the form of a spring. The permanently wet conditions have allowed the development of peat, slowly growing over many years into a domed structure. This unusual habitat is technically called 'rheotrophic hangmire' and is only one of four in Hertfordshire and Middlesex. The top of the peat dome supports unusual spring-line fen and mire vegetation with prominent tussock sedge and marsh marigold.


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Ridlins Mire
Map reference
TL 263 222
Best time to visit
Apr - Jul
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Opening Times
Open at all times
1.60 hectares
Open at all times. Raised dome, can be very muddy. Unsuitable for wheelchair access.
Walking information
Wellingtons required. The peat dome is very wet at all times. It is advisable to keep to the edges.
Park on Goddard End.
Dogs allowed
Reserve manager
Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01727 858901