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Signs of water voles along Hertfordshire’s riverbanks thanks to you

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our latest appeal, helping us to raise the funds needed to restore and manage our local riverbanks for water voles. Thanks to your generosity, we raised over £16,000 with Gift Aid.

By donating to our appeal you played a direct role in helping to protect and increase the population of the endangered water voles in our area.

Since our appeal was launched in May, we have been surveying our local riverbanks looking for evidence of water voles, including signs of our reintroduced residents spreading from Thorley Wash Nature Reserve. So far, our monitoring has had positive results with signs of water voles found at Thorley and the south of the reserve too. This means that the new water vole community is thriving, and starting to successfully establish new colonies along the river tributaries.

With the funding raised through the appeal, we can now continue surveying more of our riverbanks, looking for water vole feeding sites, their burrows, latrines and tracks.

Our volunteers and Reserves Officers have also undertaken the training needed to carry out specialist habitat management work on our wetland reserves this winter to restore and create the right conditions for our endangered voles. This habitat work will result in more of our local riverbanks with lush vegetation and stable banks for burrows to provide the food, shelter and cover our local water vole populations need to thrive and grow.

Thanks again for all your support.

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Call to make a donation on 01727 858901

How your donation could have an impact:

£600 could restore a local riverbank to create lush vegetation with stable banks for burrowing.
£230 could survey up to 1.5km of riverbank per day to identify signs of water voles (e.g. latrines, feeding sites, burrows, tracks).
£110 could recruit and train our volunteer river monitors to record data on all our local waterbodies. 
£75 could contribute to training a Reserves Officer to safely carry out specialist habitat management work. 
£50 could equip one of our volunteers with the protective gear needed to tackle invasive plant growth along our rivers. 
£30 could buy FSC guides to help detect mammal activity along a stretch of river from field evidence.

Thank you for your support!