Advising landowners and land managers

We give advice to other landownersKing's Meads Nature Reserve

We help landowners and land managers to assess and manage their land for the benefit of wildlife.

Local Wildlife Site owners

There are almost 2,000 Local Wildlife Sites in Hertfordshire - places recognised as being special for wildlife. They don't have legal protection like Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Nature Reserves. We advise Local Wildlife Site owners on how best to manage their land for wildlife and we carry out surveys to monitor biodiversity.


We're working with a number of farmers across Hertfordshire who have built their businesses with wildlife in mind. It makes sense for wildlife and for business too. Read about what Nicholas Buxton does for wildlife on his farm.

Local authorities

We provide advice to local authorities on how to incorporate measures for wildlife. The Trust produced a Biodiversity Action Plan for Stevenage Borough Council which has been put into practice through our highly successful Wild Stevenage project. We are also currently working with Harpenden Town Council on a management plan for Harpenden Common.

Other partners

Through our conservation projects and consultancy work we advise a wide range of organisations including schools, local action groups, businesses and other conservation organisations, providing expert habitat management advice and in some cases coordinating hands-on practical support.

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