Save Water Save Wildlife

Dried up River Mimram at DigswellRiver Mimram dried up

Hertfordshire is seriously water stressed and our wildlife is suffering and dying as a result.

We use more water than any other county in the UK – around 180 litres per person per day. This is well above the national average and a far cry from the 130 litres per person per day the government wants us to achieve by 2030.
Rivers in the Upper Lee catchment like the Mimram and Beane are ‘over-abstracted’ - meaning that we take too much water from their sources for public consumption, threatening their ecology.

It’s a problem that is only set to get worse. Our climate is changing, our population is growing and everyone needs water. At times of water stress, it is often the wildlife in our rivers that suffers.


There are no more than 200 chalk streams in the world. The Wildlife Trust's Living Rivers project is working to protect them, but the task will be impossible if there is no water left in them. We could lose these iconic habitats forever if we don't act now.

Take action today

  • Apply for a water meter - on average people use 10-15% less water with a meter fitted
  • A dual flush toilet can save seven litres per flush – or use a water-saving device in your cistern
  • Install a water butt – perfect for watering the garden in dry periods
  • Make sure you turn the tap off when brushing your teeth or washing fruit & veg - this could save around 5 litres per minute
  • Join us today and help us to protect local river wildlife

Water-saving figures sourced from Rivers on the Edge, WWF-UK, 2009

One less litre used is one more litre in our rivers.