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Funders and partners

The Wild Stevenage project is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and SoStevenage.

We are working with partners including:
Stevenage Borough Council

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Wild Stevenage

Children get stuck into hedge planting as part of the Wild Stevenage projectChildren planting a hedge as part of Wild Stevenage

What the Trust is doing

The Wild Stevenage project ended in 2013.

We worked in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council to encourage more local volunteers to promote and look after special areas for wildlife. These include community ponds across the town, as well as Monks and Whomerley Woods and Shackledell Grassland in Fairlands Valley Park.

Woodland work complete

Our work to open up woodland rides (paths which let light in) in Monks and Whomerley Woods allowed the return of stunning early purple orchids to the woodland in the spring of 2013.

Roadside verges in bloom

Together with the council we worked to encourage three road verges and a 700ft length of Fairlands Valley Park to grow long, which has been hugely successful - one resident saw 200 bee orchids on a single verge in 2013!


New nature trails in the woodlands and grassland are helping people to discover the wildlife too.

What's on

Wildlife Walk at Purwell Ninesprings

Wednesday 23rd May 2018,
10.30am - 12.30pm

Venue: Purwell Ninesprings

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