Panshanger Park

Situated between Welwyn Garden City and Hertford, Panshanger Park comprises a mosaic of habitats such as lakes, river, woodland and reedbed.

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Panshanger Park is a 1,000 acre site situated between Welwyn Garden City and Hertford. The Trust is working with the park's owners Tarmac and with Herts County Council to manage the park for both people and wildlife.

A brief history

Owned by the Cowper family from the late 17th century to the early 20th century, the Panshanger Estate was shaped around the Mimram Valley following advice from Humphry Repton and Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. Panshanger Park is now listed as an historic park and garden by English Heritage.

More recently since the 1980s, the park has been owned by Tarmac and parts have been quarried for sand and gravel. Much of the site has now been restored to arable farming and a range of valuable wildlife habitats including a new section of chalk river and a number of lakes. The park opened to the public on 31 March 2014 and comprises a country park and nature reserve. More of the site will be opened up in a series of carefully managed phases as the remaining extraction processes on site come to an end.

Wildlife of Panshanger Park

Panshanger Park is made up of a mosaic of habitats including woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and reedbeds making it a fantastic refuge for a huge variety of wildlife. During the spring and summer months , a multitude of wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies and birds brings the park to life. Even in the autumn and winter the park is far from quiet. Large numbers of ducks migrate into the park from the further north to spend the winter on the lakes meaning that Panshanger is a great place to visit atany time of year.

Forest School

The Panshanger Park Forest School opened in February 2015 and offers six-week outdoor learning programmes designed to build up children’s skills and confidence of working and playing in the natural environment. At Forest School , children take part in activities that encourage creativity and exploration. From den building to minibeast hunts, fire lighting to natural art, all of our activities are designed to be fun and interesting, and importantly something children never otherwise experience. Find out more about the Forest School and upcoming events here.

Get involved

Our Panshanger Park volunteer group carries out monthly practical conservation tasks around the park. You could also register your interest in helping out with wildlife surveys, walks and events or even becoming a volunteer warden. Contact Murray Brown, Panshanger Park People & Wildlife Officer, to find out more about volunteering opportunities

Finding the park

The entrance to Panshanger Park is via the Thieves Lane car park located just off the A414 near Hertford. The nearest postcode is SG14 2WN. Please note that the entrance to the car park is on your left immediately after turning off the A414 at the roundabout onto Thieves Lane. Look out for the white entrance signs!

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