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HMWT Staff and TrusteesHMWT Staff and Trustees

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust is a local charity supported by people who care about protecting wildlife, including over 21,000 members.

With volunteers, we manage a network of more than 40 nature reserves, covering nearly 2,000 acres. Beyond this our vision is of a Living Landscape, where we work with others to improve our towns and countryside for wildlife.

A nationwide movement

We are one of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK - we share a vision for a Living Landscape and Living Seas, an environment rich in wildlife for everyone.

Our values

We want to be:

  • Influential, offering leadership in wildlife conservation
  • Authoritative, operating with integrity, scientific soundness, reliability, professionalism and independence
  • Active, delivery-focussed
  • Inspiring, fully committed and enthusiastic about what we do
  • Engaging, valuing and encouraging the contribution of others and welcoming a partnership approach

Our objectives


  • To work with partners to restore resilient ecological networks by creating a rich and accessible Living Landscape throughout Hertfordshire and Middlesex
  • To create and enhance nature reserves
  • To inspire people about the natural world
  • To encourage individual action for wildlife and the environment


  • To increase our influence
  • To raise our profile
  • To grow our resources
  • To cooperate effectively throughout the movement
  • To develop and maintain the highest levels of governance and management
  • Our objectives are set within the overarching objectives common to Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK – creating A Living Landscape and Living Seas.

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