The big 30 Days Wild Roundup

The big 30 Days Wild Roundup

© Ross Hoddinott/2020VISION

The Wildlife Trusts’ annual 30 Days Wild challenge was more popular than ever this year – 400,000 people carried out well over 10 million Random Acts of Wildness all over the UK during the 30 days of June.

For the fifth time, The Wildlife Trusts’ challenged participants to do something wild and enjoy nature every single day in June. In response, people have been sharing their heart-warming stories and colourful photos and videos across social media channels. As well as the 50,000 individual households who signed up for their free packs of ideas, wall chart, stickers and wildflower seeds, over 9,000 schools, 1,300 businesses and 570 care homes also took part.  

30 Days Wild Collage

At Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, we have launched the #WildWednesdayChallenge, asking participants to do one big thing every week. Watch our four #WildWednesdayChallenges completed by staff members and volunteers. 

Communications Manager Josh was challenged to see the wild for the first #WildWednesdayChallenge.

Reserves Manager Laura creates a bee tower for the garden in the second #WildWednesdayChallenge with the theme create a wild thing.

For the third #WildWednesdayChallenge, volunteer Charlotte went out to feel the wild

Communications Officer Frieda joins The Time is Now Mass Lobby for the fourth #WildWednesdayChallenge to change the world.

Continue your wild adventure

We hope that you had a fantastic time during June, taking part in 30 Days Wild with us. 30 Days Wild may be over, but hopefully, your wild month has inspired you to get outdoors as much as you can throughout the year. There's so much to see all year round, and a little bit of nature every day really does make you feel happier and healthier. 

If you'd still like access to all our 30 Days Wild materials, you can download them here.