Dormouse hibernating

The Big Sleep

​​​​​​​When the nights are long and temperatures low, we sometimes wish we could just snuggle up under the blankets and sleep through winter until the spring sun wakes us up again. For some…

Old Park Wood Nature Reserve

Wanted: dead and alive

Join us this Halloween and venture into the woods in search of the dead…this journey sounds scarier than it is, as we are on the lookout for deadwood.

Small heath butterfly

Summer Butterflies

June is a wonderful month for butterflies. As the summer days warm up, butterflies are emerging and taking to the wing. From dappled wooded dells, flowering back gardens and sun-drenched dry…


Underdog mythbusters

Some wildlife is more popular than others, which is often based on alleged characteristics or 'urban legends'. This is why we're busting the myths to defend our wildlife underdogs…

Nature books

Discover Our Favourite Nature Books

Reading is a great way to switch off and let your mind wander. This is why we asked the team at Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust for their favourite nature books and put together a selection of…