Water vole (c) Terry Whittaker

Water vole (c) Terry Whittaker

A Water Voles World

Location: River Lee Country Park, Mill Lane

Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN10 7AX
Join staff from Lee Valley Regional Park and Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust for a walk through one of their strongholds at Silvermeade for a chance to learn more about these charismatic little mammals and the work that is being carried out to protect them and their habitats.

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Meeting point

Broxbourne Old Mill and Meadows


2pm - 4pm
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About the event

Water voles were once common across Britain but have undergone serious decline throughout the last century due largely to the loss and degradation of their wetland habitats and the spread of the American mink. Discover Silvermeades and find out about the good populations found here on a number of sites.  Hope to find signs of their habitation here and maybe catch a rare glimpse!



£3 per person
Suitable for children aged 8+
Booking essential. Income from this event will support the LVRPA.

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Adults, Beginners

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No dogs permitted


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