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Summer Tree Identification Workshop - Online

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Join us online to learn to identify trees in their summer state...

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10am - 12pm
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About the event

Join us for a two-part online workshop introducing how to identify trees in their summer state. 

Part One - Thursday 9th July 10am - 12pm

Volunteer Andy Holtham will present a guide to identifying trees in summer. The focus of the identification will be on trees found in Hertfordshire. There will be a chance for questions and also several handouts to download.  

Then head outside to try out your new-found knowledge on the trees in your local area.  Send photos of any difficult to identify trees for review in Part Two.

Part Two - Friday 10th July 2pm - 3pm

Join us for a more interactive session where Andy will try to identify any photos you send in and there will be time for discussion.

The webinar platform (Demio) does not require a download and you can view the workshop from your laptop, tablet or mobile device (laptop is recommended for easiest viewing experience).  You will not be visible for the presentation part of the workshop and only be made visible if requested to ask a question.  Microphones can be turned on for all participants to allow for discussion.

The capacity of this workshop is 10 to allow for participant discussion and participation.  £7 per registration.  If you miss the workshop it will be made available afterwards to view as a replay to registered participants only.

We will be sharing identification handouts and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Presenter:  Andy Holtham, HMWT Volunteer

Aimed at adults but all ages welcome.



£7 per registration

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Only register once per device being used (can have multiple people watching!)

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Adults, Beginners