Introduction to Mosses and Liverworts - Online


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Introduction to Mosses and Liverworts - Online

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Discover the fascinating world of mosses and liverworts...

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7pm - 8.30pm

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Join us online for a talk with Agneta Burton, a botanist and also the Hertfordshire County Recorder for Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts). 

Mosses and liverworts are beautiful!  They occur globally across climatic regions from the tropics to the Arctic. They are found nearly everywhere in habitats such as gardens, on walls and roofs, in churchyards, in woodlands, arable fields, on mountains and in rivers.  Most people do not appreciate their diversity: over 750 mosses and about 300 liverworts occur in the British Isles.  Some species are very localized, others extend over an enormous range of habitats.  This talk will introduce the main features that aid identification, their life cycle and means of spreading, as well as those that allow them to continue survival during dry, hot periods and to continue growth during the cold winter months.

Aimed at adults but all ages welcome!

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