Dogs on Nature Reserves

Dogs on Nature Reserves

Dog walking through woodland (c) Ben Hall/2020VISION

We welcome responsible dog owners on most of our nature reserves. However some of our reserves are not suitable for dogs due to the delicate nature of the habitat or due to the presence of grazing animals.

We manage the nature reserves under our care  for the conservation of special and important species and habitats. Responsible owners and their dogs are welcome on almost all of our reserves, but dog-related problems, such as wildlife disturbance and attacks on livestock or other site users, mean we may exclude dogs from all or part of some reserves for part or all of the year. 

To make things clear, we operate a colour coding system for our reserves. Please be aware that the status of our nature reserves may change from time to time so look out for signage on site. 

Dog sign - blue

A blue site means that you can walk your dog on the reserve. However, please respect our dog walking code of conduct:

  • Keep your dog to marked paths, close to you and on a lead if necessary
  • Always clean up after your dog
  • Never let your dog chase wildlife or livestock
  • Dogs must not be allowed into the water
  • Ensure your dog does not disturb other visitors
Dog sign - red

A red site for dogs means that no dogs are allowed in this nature reserve, or section of the nature reserve. This is to protect the delicate wildlife found here. Livestock may also be present on this reserve.