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Wild At Home

Our Wild At Home project is the place for children aged 5-10 to learn about and discover wildlife on their doorstep. Join us for an exciting online event or try your hand at one of our numerous wildlife discovery or craft activities!  

Share your #WildAtHome experiences with us, follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or contact us via e-mail and let us know what you've been up to, show us your pictures or photos and tell us how you've been keeping wild.

Wild At Home - Winter Event Listing

Wild At Home - Winter Event Listing

Go wild online

Join us for twice-weekly* online events with fascinating wildlife themes in the next couple of weeks - from minibeasts to garden birds - hosted by our knowledgeable wildlife experts. We offer lots of resources and downloads accompanying the weekly themes.

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* Friday's talks are repeated sessions, no need to book on both

Wild At Home - Wild Child badges

Wild At Home - Wild Child badges

Become a Wild Child

Take part in every week's online event and colour in the weekly badge. At the end of the Wild At Home Winter Term, once all badges are completed, send us a photo of your sheet (webform open from early February) and receive your very own Wild Child Certificate and more inspiration to stay wild!

Download the Wild Child badges 

Week 2 - Water for Wildlife

Join us for Week 2 of the Wild At Home Winter Term and learn why water is so important for us and wildlife and which animals like to live in or near water.

Don't forget to book your place for the Tuesday and Friday sessions:

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Norma and Nigel Newt go on an adventure. Can you tell their story?

Download Storytelling Activity


Do you want to find out what lives in your pond? Make an easy pond-dipping net to discover all the small crawlies with an old pair of tights (make sure to ask your mum first!). Click on the image to download the instructions.

If you've got a lake or river near you, why not take this spotter sheet with you and see what you can discover this winter! Click on the image to download a copy to print it at home.

Week 1 - Amphibians and Reptiles

In the first week of the Wild At Home Winter Term, we dived into the amazing world of amphibians and reptiles. If you've taken part, don't forget to colour in your Wild Child Badge!


Can you find all the hidden words in this puzzle? 

Download Word Puzzle

Become a frog yourself with our fun frog mask to cut out and colour in! How far can you hop?

Download the frog mask

Can you help our cold-blooded friends make a home in your garden? Here's an easy way to provide somewhere to spend the winter. Click on the image to download and make it yourself!

From tiny spawn to full-grown croaker - the life of a frog has many different stages. Can you name them all after joining our talk? 

More Resources and Downloads

Enjoying #WildAtHome?

If Wild at Home has (re)ignited your love for nature, please help support wildlife with a donation to the Trust. We are working hard across Hertfordshire and Middlesex to care for wild places so that wildlife and people can thrive together.