Dormouse hibernating

The Big Sleep

​​​​​​​When the nights are long and temperatures low, we sometimes wish we could just snuggle up under the blankets and sleep through winter until the spring sun wakes us up again. For some…

Old Park Wood Nature Reserve

Wanted: dead and alive

Join us this Halloween and venture into the woods in search of the dead…this journey sounds scarier than it is, as we are on the lookout for deadwood.


Spring has sprung

After a dreary winter, pops of colour begin to appear in parks and gardens up and down the county. Soon after, the tentative sound of birdsong builds to a dramatic symphony of voices that…

Fieldfare on frosty trees

12 Days of Wild Christmas

'Tis the season we love to hunker down and avoid the cold, but there's so much to discover! So wrap up warm and enjoy 12 ways to connect with nature this winter.

American mink

Alien Invaders

Every year, non-native invasive species are estimated to cost the UK economy £1.7bn. They can pose a risk to our native wildlife and are a good example to demonstrate how delicate our ecosystem is…

A bird at dawn

Catch the early bird

Now is the time to set the alarm for early morning (really early morning!) and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the dawn chorus.

Coot in the rain

Let it rain!

Despite the wet weather recently, the water levels are lower than they should be in this time of year. We can't control the weather, but we can influence our water usage to save wildlife!

Grebe House wildlife garden

Go wild in your garden!

Spring is around the corner so it’s a perfect time to be getting on gloves and wellies and heading out into the garden! This year, why don't you turn your garden into a wildlife haven?