Walk in their pawprints

Wind in the willows character Badger angry in his destroyed home

Walk in their pawprints

Our wild places have become disconnected. Take a moment or two to image which challenges Badger, Ratty, Mole, Toad and their friends might face in today's world.

  • If you were a toad, are there any ponds nearby to lay eggs in?
  • If you were a badger, are there trees and woods near you to build your sett in?
  • If you were a water vole, could you burrow into the banks of the river near you?
  • If you were a mole, could you get up out of the soil or has someone paved or astro-turfed the areas of grass near you?
  • If you were a hedgehog and needed miles to roam to feed at night, could you get through the fences in your area?
  • If you were a bird, would you be able to find suitable nesting material other than plastic waste?
  • If you were a fish, would the rivers you call home have enough water?

So how can you help?

We are a nation of nature-lovers, but as you may be starting to notice, we live in one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world. Wildlife is at an all-time low and soon it will be too late to turn the situation around. But if we act now, we can put nature into recovery. 

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